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Consulting Services

MJR IT Solutions offers a range of IT consultancy and outsourcing solutions for businesses.


Network Vulnerability Assessments

Our range of network vulnerability assessment services are aimed at helping organizations protect their sensitive data. This involves providing the network’s important data points, understanding their ability to withstand external attacks and detecting network security gaps. We deliver the highest standards of corporate information security and cater to the increased demand for compliance, risk identification and remediation This also covers firewall, DMZ and VLAN configurations, configuration and consistency of access control lists, discovering L2/L3 topology and routing, VPN and wireless security, external and internal traffic flows and traffic source and destination, among others.

We also ensure network compliance to internal as well as industry standards and fulfillment of legislative regulations. Besides manual assessment, we also offer tools for automated vulnerability assessment. They simulate configuration changes and anticipate the available choices and the results of those choices; they also ensure that any future changes do not impact the network stability.

We also offer round-the-clock support to ensure customer assurance at all times. Our secure, easy to maintain and reliable systems also boast the fewest false positives.

Network and Systems Analysis

MJR’s range of network and systems analysis encompass designing, testing and evaluating programs and systems, such as Local Area Networks (LANs), Internet and intranet. It help streamline information flow to engineering security application. WE offer services ranging from network modeling to analysis, planning, concept development, requirement analysis, researching and recommending products, information and technical engineering and addressing our clients’ IT security concerns. Our security specialists also educate employees on computer security, besides installing the security software and monitoring for security breaches.

Voice Billing Management

Our Voice Billing Management solutions are best for companies that need full-featured solutions for managing and controlling access of their voice customers. Simple to use and effective, our solution has the capability to manage thousands of voice customers. We also offer billing of database-driven or text file-based CDRs and full telecom authentication, authorization and accounting capability.

Telecommunications Circuit Management

Our telecommunications circuit management services involve coordinating the installation of non-tariff and tariff circuits. Our circuit repair hotline is available 24 hours a day and helps maintain an accurate data of circuits, their exact locations and billing information.

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consulting services

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