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Hosted Services

MJR IT Solutions’ hosted services include email, web and instant messaging over the Internet or web. Our services enable better data protection for organizations, while eliminating the need for on-site IT infrastructure management.


Email Spam and Virus Filtering Services Using Our Hosted Email Systems

Our range of secure and reliable hosted email systems are designed to deliver enterprise-class email services for all types and sizes of organizations. With our services, organizations never lose a mail, can find and manage mails quickly, archive messages real-time (internal, incoming and outgoing mails) and get unlimited mailbox storage. It also offers better data protection through secure SSL encryption. Our robust and flexible hosted email is designed to meet the growing needs of organizations, ensuring maximized productivity.

  • Key features include:
  • Email filtering for spams and virus protection; all emails are filtered before they reach organizational network
  • Anytime, anywhere email access
  • Increased mailbox storage per user; ability to upgrade
  • POP, Webmail and IMAP access
  • No software or hardware requirements
  • Webmail with contacts, calendaring, tasks and notes
  • Integration with archiver


Our virus filtering services include updating of anti-virus files every five minutes and scanning of every single incoming message. In case of any suspicious and dangerous content, the message is quarantined immediately, before it reaches the organizational network. With our services, our clients do not transmit viruses, not even accidentally.

Our spam filtering services filter spam with a very low false positive rate. We have different layers and techniques of filtering, such as adaptive blacklists and rules-based filtering, to provide comprehensive coverage.

Getting anti-spam and anti-virus filtering as a managed service is always better than purchasing spam blockers. This is because hosted service providers constantly update the antivirus. Also, they never become obsolete (unless spam blocking devices) and reduce the total cost of ownership.

  • Here are the other key benefits of hosted email services:
  • Simple to set up and use
  • Compliant with all email servers
  • Daily reports of quarantined messages
  • Continuous updates of spam and virus definition files
  • No purchase or maintenance or hardware or software
  • Inbox free of spam or junk mails
  • Round-the-clock technical support


Blocking virus and spam before they enter the firewall also signifies saving on bandwidth, time, money and server capacity, thus delivering better performance.

With MJR’s hosted services, organizations only need to pay for what they need. So, contact our experts right now and enjoy big savings.

hosted services

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