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Network Security Solutions

At MJR IT Solutions, we design world-class network security solutions customized to meet your organizational IT needs.

Here are the offerings:

Network Security Design and Implementation

We design network security solutions for organizations planning to add security mechanisms or controls into their systems when designing, redesigning or upgrading their networks. Our services enable our clients to enjoy integrated security features, cost-effectiveness, a secure and productive network, and no downtime. Also, any compatibility or other issues are also identified and resolved at the initial stages.

We follow a step-by-step approach, comprising proper planning, testing and maintenance, to ensure that your network security is effective and available at all times. Our solutions are designed to offer necessary protection, integrity, due diligence and confidentiality to your network.

The process of network security design begins with the analysis of your systems requirements, and the aim of addressing those requirements. We then determine ways of attaining those goals, their pros and cons, and then finalize on the best option for your system. A risk analysis is also conducted. This is followed by creating system specifications and engineering design for implementation. The design is verified and installed and the network security is prepared for operations. During operations, the deployed system is managed to identify points of improvements so that the network is secure and effective. A system that cannot benefit from modification or enhancement is removed from the network.

Network Security Monitoring and Management

Our solutions ensure endpoint security, secure remote access, vulnerability management and wireless system security for your organization. It also helps detect and protect networks from internal and external attacks before they jeopardize them. Our solutions monitor networks constantly to protect them from potential hackers, industrial spies and criminals. The security network encompasses everything from the firewalls to routers, intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems, servers, mainframes, applications and personal computers. This proactive approach of halting attacks also eliminates the need for time-consuming and expensive fire-fighting that follow an attack.

Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems

Our security solutions involve deploying the right Intrusion Detection/Prevention System (IDPS) for your network. This involves selecting the right IDPS, designing the architecture, performing component testing and deploying and securing its components. The four popular types of IDPS technologies are network-based, host-based, wireless and Network Behavior Analysis.

The IDPS also helps identify any possible incidents, log information about them, stop attacks and report to the administrator. The system also helps identify issues with security policies, document existing threats, and deter the violation of security policies.


We also ensure network security fortification with anti-spam and anti-virus solutions that are easy to deploy and accurate and requires no administration. Our solutions also enable you to catch more spams and viruses, and result in reliable email delivery; false positives are also fewer.

MJR IT Solutions’ state-of-the-art network security designs ensure business continuity through all-time availability and protection of network infrastructure from attacks..

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