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Networking Solutions

MJR IT Solutions provides a full line of services designed to meet your networking needs including:


Assessment & Design

At MJR IT Solutions, we work with you to determine the best network solutions for your company based on your current and projected business objectives.

MJR IT Solutions will visit your business site to evaluate the current network infrastructure. Onsite we will analyze network performance, identify inefficiencies, and provide a reference point for healthy network traffic and application behavior. A comprehensive network assessment enables you to proactively address network availability, performance, security, and cost. Using the information gathered from the evaluation we will design a network that best fits your specific needs to ensure the maximum return on your investment.


Once a network assessment has been completed and the design is approved, the implementation phase can begin. We procure and test the network equipment before installing it. Once the testing procedures are complete, our consultants will install the equipment and verify that it is operating successfully.


Availability and performance are the key components of any network. Even in the most optimal of network environments, problems are inevitable. When these problems arise, we can provide your business with qualified network support. Center City Computers is committed to keeping your network running efficiently. To that end, we offer both hourly billing and Service Level Agreements (SLA’s), which can be tailored to your specific needs.

Remote Support & Management

MJR IT Solutions can monitor and manage your network infrastructure from our offices, identifying and neutralizing possible issues before they occur.

With services, such as, network health reporting, network performance monitoring, backup analysis, virus definition update confirmations, and automated emergency notification, MJR IT Solutions is prepared to keep you steps ahead of network and security issues.

Networking Solutions

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