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Open Source Solutions

At MJR IT Solutions Inc. offers open source solutions that are unique and customized for individual organizational needs.


Alternatives to Commercial Systems

We offer a range of open source solutions based on open source software, such as Linux (for desktop and server operating systems) and BSD. A secure and reliable alternative to commercial software, open source solutions are stable and easy to use. They are integrated with functions, such as web browser, document and spreadsheet software, instant messaging, presentation and editing pictures. Function such as enterprise class network monitoring, alarm management, CMS, business issue tracking and reporting system, and advanced to-do list and time scheduler can also be integrated. They also support a range of peripherals, including sound cards, graphic cards, and USB.

Our open source operating systems can be used for servers, desktops and laptops. Using the latest Linux software offers access to programs, such as Mozilla, PHP, and MySQL. Organizations can also have their choice of proprietary codecs, applications and drivers.

DNS, NAS, Email Collaboration, Web Servers, Database Servers, Directory Servers

We also provide a variety of DNS, NAS and email collaboration services and web, database and directory servers. Our range of reliable, great value DNS services can be used for static, dynamic and secondary DNS. We configure DNS as per our clients’ needs and enable switching between services at anytime. Organizations can outsource entire or part of DNS operations to MJR or use our services to add system redundancy. Dynamic DNS helps organizations have their own application servers for email and web without a permanent IP. Secondary DNS also helps increase fault tolerance and increase the performance of DNS lookups.

Network-Attached Storage (NAS) is a popular method of file sharing between computers, as it offers quicker data access, simple configuration and easier administration. With NAS, the file sharing responsibility is also removed from other network servers. Besides, it also offers enhanced performance and accessibility than server storage.

We offer email collaboration solutions that ensure secure, encrypted and private emails for businesses. It delivers high-performing, virus-free and spam-free emails. It also enables better employee and client collaboration, better Outlook compatibility, enhanced project management, reduced email operating costs and enhanced user experience.

We also offer a range of web, database and directory servers that are located in a secure, fire-proof and climate-proof environment with uninterrupted power supply. Our full-featured, high performance, reliable web servers provide access to all internet and intranet content. It is also combined with advanced software and quick technical support to provide enhanced user experience.

Our directory servers enable organizations to centralize their application settings, group data, policies, user profiles and access control information into a network-based registry. It also simplifies user management, automates data maintenance and eliminates data redundancy. So, there is a single authentication source for the entire enterprise for all intranet and extranet applications.

Get your customized open source solutions and servers today with the expert assistance of MJR IT Solutions!

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