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Voice Solutions

At MJR IT Solutions, we specialize in providing with robust and flexible communication capabilities that perfectly suit our client needs.


Traditional PBX/Key Systems

MJR IT Solutions’ range of powerful traditional PBX/Key Systems drives the communication needs of our global clients. Our robust and affordable PBX phone systems are equipped with sophisticated features, such as automatic call distribution, reach out caller, voice messaging, ring groups, dial-by-name directory and automated receptionist.

Businesses can also opt for the Voice over IP (VOIP)-enabled models which offer multi-location integration and manage both VOIP and the traditional network.Cell phones and other telephones can also be added as an extension. The number of users on the system can also be increased as businesses grow (Key Systems are systems that support around 100 people). The PBX system is quick and easy to setup, thus saving time and money.

An effective PBX system can help businesses do away with busy tones, respond quickly to calls, guide customers to the right person, get free internal communication means and assign individual extension numbers to employees or departments.At MJR, we help you determine the right system for your current and future business requirements, be it choosing the right PBX system, getting the right number of trunks or adding extra features.

Cisco CallManager

Cisco CallManager is a powerful software-based call processing unit that helps organizations increase their profits through better operational efficiencies, business productivity and client satisfaction. The software’s enterprise telephony features also extend to packet telephony network devices such as media processing devices, VOIP gateways and IP phones. It is with CallManager APIs that data, video and voice services, such as multimedia video conferencing and unified messaging, interact with the IP telephony solution. CallManager may also have a range of integrated voice applications, such as a software-only conferencing application, CDR Analysis and Reporting, Real Time Monitoring tool and IP Manager Assistant application.

At MJR IT Solutions, we help you communicate better to grow better! Talk to our experts today to experience a lifetime of hassle-free communications!

voice solutions

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