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The Trixbox IP PBX system is a hybrid PBX solution for small businesses based on the Asterisk PBX system. If you have looked at traditional phone systems, you already know that you will be spending a minimum of $10,000 – $15,000 just to get started. With an IP PBX, you can have a complete system for about half of what you would pay for a traditional system. Take advantage of the IP PBX VoIP PBX System today!



  • The IP PBX offers all of the features you would expect in a top-of-the-line system including:
  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to Email Gateway
  • Call Hold
  • Call Parking
  • Call Transfers
  • Music On Hold
  • Remote Extensions
  • SoftPhones
  • Multiple trunks
  • VoIP Ability
  • Much much more!!
  • Your choice of dozens of phones
  • Easy Web-based administration
  • Support for 1 – 24 analog lines
  • Support for T1 voice circuits
  • Support for Internet telephone service providers
  • Graphical Switchboard system
  • Save money on phone lines
  • Save money on long distance
  • Ring Groups
  • Call Queues



You can use the following list to determine your actual cost of your system.

Trixbox CE/PRo PBX Server – $1200
PBX Configuration (IVR, ACD) – $1500
Phones – $150 ~ $250 each
4 Port Analog Card (4 phone lines) $329
T1 PRI Card – $449
Telephony Hardware Setup – $250
Monthly Maintenance – $200 ~ $500*

Installation costs can vary based upon your office layout
* Depends on which equipment is chosen for your configuration

Using this pricing guideline, a small office with 10 users can be setup starting at around $5,500.

VoIP Solutions

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